Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kennedi's 2nd Year

This is Kennedi's book. Just so you know-- I am going to start killing 2 birds with one stone. Might as well, right? I spend so much time creating these fun scrapbooks online for my kids. . . that I am going to start sharing them online which will save me time recording it in two different places. So-- if you have a spare minute and want to check out what are cute little kiddos are up to-- feel free.

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The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.

Charli's 4th Year

This is my latest project that I have been working on. I am a HUGE fan of the online scrapbooking! It is so much better in so many ways! I make a book each year for each of my kids. We read them at bedtime and it is so fun to show them our favorite memories in their books. This is Charli's. Check it out.

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Shutterfly allows you to customize your photo book just the way you want.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Charli was a great little green witch this year. Sawyer the jack-o-lantern. Kennedi the pretty little princess. I was the mom with yellow baby poop squirted down her jeans and Johnny has refused to participate in dressing up for Halloween. (Maybe it was the year I convinced him to dress up like Superman in black spandex, slicked back black hair and eyebrows, little kids red cape, and the nice rolled up red basketball shorts.... yea I don't blame him!)hahaha!

highheels and blankies

That's what this girl is about-- highheels and blankies (both of them).


This is why you should never leave chocolate frosting on the countertop. Those lids are NOT childproof!

Sawyer's Blessing

These pics were from September when we blessed Sawyer. He is seriously the happiest little guy of all time!

Random Updates for the last 6 months

We were so sad to leave our home in beautiful Bear Lake. . . and it was a rough summer living in a mobile home in Scofield. . . but the sacrifices have paid off and we are loving our new home in Fairview. The girls took up a new summer hobby- fishing with their dad. In the picture, Kennedi is showing you her "big" fish.